CALM Workshop

Counseling on Access to Lethal Means

This 90-120 minute training program is open to anyone. It focuses on steps we can all take to help prevent suicide attempts via firearms, medications and poisons, and through other means. The program includes a presentation, videotaped counseling session, and discussion and/or role-playing exercises.

QPR Training

In 60-90 minutes, any individual can learn to recognize the warning signs of suicide and how to apply three simple steps that may save a life. The training includes myths and facts about suicide, warning signs, and how to ask the right questions and persuade suicidal individuals to get help.

Mental Health First Aid

Resilient Evansville

This initiative, which is geared toward building resilience in our community’s young people, will be rolling out trainings in 2020. Training sessions will be 90 minutes each, and all are encouraged to attend.